The world’s next best movie!

Yesterday, i had my friend Hayley over. She is moving in 2 weeks to Washinton. 😦

It was still fun though!! We made a movie(like we always do) and got slurpees from 7-Eleven.  Usually, we will go to one person’s house work on the movie and  have lunch & dinner together. yesterday, Hayey only stayed until 5:30 though. The past 3 times we have gotten together we have been working ona movie we call Dear Chloe. I think it will be our best!! The problem with it all is that i edit the movies on our computer but i can’t figure out how to burn it onto a dvd and eventually the computer loses the files and loses the movie.. 😦 It really stinks.

The wonderful hayley. here she is being a psychiatrist! 😀

After she left, i went to friday frisbee! And i blocked the frisbee!! It hurt but i was really proud of myself anyway! 😉 I also met this really cool person named lauren. She and i will one day be the BEST players on the field!! We are working on it!!!

Today i am going to the fair again.



One thought on “The world’s next best movie!

  1. Abigail says:

    Nice job “Abby”!!!!!

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