Can I trust him?

Actually, it should be: Can I trust Him? With my life. Let me clarify.

Everyone I know wants to think they can do life on their own.

They don’t need help from anyone. well, this is their beginning thought.

I also know people (like my mom) who can’t “officially” start their day until she’s given it to God.

Don’t stop reading. Yes, I just mentioned God. You may not believe in God. You may be SO sick of being force-fed Bible stuff. Bear with me.

God created everything, including you, including me. He created us perfect. When we messed up, He sent His perfect son, Jesus to earth to give us a chance at salvation. We don’t deserve this chance.

                  John 3:16 says:

             “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son and whosoever believes in Him shall NOT perish but have eternal life.”

If God was willing to give us His ONLY son’s perfect life, then can’t we give Him our less-than-perfect lives?

Truly, I think if we don’t trust our lives to Him then we are SUNK.

Now, is it easy for ME to trust my life to Him? NO! Of all the people in the world, I am probably the least submissive. This is HARD for me. I like running my own life. But I know God is there.

            Last night, I was thinking about stories from the Bible that show God is looking out for you. Do you know that story in Genesis about Abraham & Isaac? When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his one & only beloved son Isaac, Abraham would have done so obediently. Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice Issac, his OWN son, God stopped him and provided a ram instead. Would God really have made Abraham sacrifice Isaac? NO! God was TESTING Abraham to see if Abraham truly trusted and loved God so much that he would obey anything God asked him to do.

That story is SO powerful. I don’t know if I could trust God knew best to that very point. That is true childlike faith.

Before I fell asleep 2 nights ago, I prayed that God would show me if I should write this post today. I prayed that God would send me some sort of sign. So, yesterday morning, i sit down in church anmd the sermon starts and I start writing this as a rough draft in a journal. And then it hit me. The sermon yesterday was about Abraham. And the story of Isaac. If that is not a clear message from God, I don’t know what is. This is how I know He is there for me, this is how I know the Lord will provide.


  1. Can you trust Him with your life? Yup.
  2. Is it a choice? Well, technically. But there’s an obvious answer.
  3. Does God hear you when you talk to Him? You better believe it.

Be willing to give your life to the service of God, not lose it, GIVE IT.


  • Genesis 1
  • Genesis 22:1-19
  • John 3:16






3 thoughts on “Can I trust him?

  1. Isabel says:

    Awesome post, Claire!! 🙂

  2. Abby says:

    You go girl!!!

  3. So true girl, I loved what you said!

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