A Long Day after a Short Night

Ok. So last night i slept for approximately 3 hours, o please pardon misspellings or sentences that don’t make sense…

Oh and random note. NEVER drink 2 cups of coffee in one day(especially if you got 3 hours of sleep the night before). The results are not very fun… 😛

Anyway!!!! Today I helped my Aunt Laura set up her classroom. She teaches first grade at Holmes K-2 School in Hinsdale. it is really fun to help her set up her classroom because she is the kind of person who uses every inch of space for something and has a million different things NEATLY organized in there! She had made a whole list of all the things she wanted me to do and she had it in order of how important it was!!!! I am not like that at all!! 😛 Once I made a list of all my friends( very dumb idea, never do it). Not in anecific order just so that i could feel like i had a ton of friends… 😦 (this is  an embarrasing story by the way) Anyway, so i just wrote down people’s names as i thought of them and my best friend ended up going in like the middle of the list… after that, i threw it away.

Then Abby had a bunch of our friends over and they found it (why they were looking through our trash can…?). So then they all got offended cause they thought it was in order of like, who was my best friend, down to my least best friend….yeah. NEVER do that, ok? :O

Ok, so i am helping  Aunt Laura set up her classroom. it was really fun. i was going to take pictures of it to put on here cause i think it looks cool…but i forgot to bring my camera so…

After I finished the list Aunt Laura had made(:) ) , we went out for lunch with my nana and Abby (who was spending the day at my nana and aunt’s house. While Aunt Laura and I set up her classroom, Abby and Nana volunteered at the Hinsdale Library). After lunch we went to Goodwill, where Nana bought me a bunch of t-shirts (material!!!!!) and a pair of awesome skinny jeans.

I get really excited about the coming school year when i get cool clothes!!

But, through out the whole day i felt sick and jittery from too much caffeine and not enough sleep…so that kind of made it not as fun…but i always have fun so it was still a blast…(does that make ANY sense?!)

Does that awkward thing ever happen to you where you think you are really good friends with someone and then you don’t see them fro awhile and then when you see them again you are all like, “so ARE we friends or not???”  I hate that. it’s so awkward. and not many things are awkward for me so that’s really saying something!!!! Anyway. If anyone feels like that, jsyk, i am your friend!!! 😉

ok, now i am gonna write a new post about something else. The End.



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