So I keep mentioning my T-shirts.

Have i ever actually explained my whole t-shirt obsession??? Well…it started at the beginning of the summer…

My patchwork shirt (which won 3rd place at the fair)

Well…thats not actually the first thing i made but it looks cool don’t you think?

The whole deal is that one day when Abby was at camp, Mom got me a book from the library that has all these super-easy DIY projects that all you really need is t-shirts, a needle, and thread. And i got hooked!!!

I bought t-shirts from my little bros for 50 cents (that offer is still open just so you know!! 😉 ). I used ALMOST every t-shirt i own or could find in our house. Right now, I am collecting 25 t-shirts so i can make a patchwork quilt(which i am planning on entering in the fair next year).

You know how in my last post i mentioned going to Goodwill today and my nana buying me t-shirts?! Well, here it is:

My loot... 🙂

 All these people I know always tease me about my insane happiness… They always say: “Even when you’re sad, you’re still happy!” Even when I am Mad i am still smiling…. this is my nw favorite shirt:

No, guys, this is my MAD shirt!!!



it says express:

 i am really proud of it. its awesome.

You know, what’s depressing…? It’s actually more fun to refashion the t-shirts than to wear them. Well, it is fun to tell people that you MADE the shirt! And, some of the shirts are fun to wear… but it is really fun to start with something normal and end up with something cool…!! Although, a cuple tiems i mess up which kind of ruins it.

Sewing machines are great inventions. Yesterday, idecided to make a pillowcase for a body pillow i sleep with becaus esince i redid my room we had to get new sheets and stuff….anyway so, thsi pillowcase( i made it out of a sheet) it was so EASY!!! It took me like 10 minutes to ma



 the pillow at the bottom of my stack of pillows… 🙂

Our computer is so slow. And i type too fast . The sentence i jsut typed came ot saying, “…pillowcase at the boom of my stack…”. ANd for some reason, that cracks me up…

OK!!!! It is time for me to go to bed!!!!! I may/may not get to write tomorrow cause i am gonna be BUSY!!!! but hopefully, i can!!!


Luv ya alls-

Claire F.


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