I am really excited about tomorrow!!! We are going peach-picking in MI. Then we are going to hang out at the beach ( Warren Dunes). I hope there are BIG waves!!!! We are going into St. Joseph ( which is OUR town in September when we go on our annual vacation there) for dinner at our FAVORITE pizza place (besides Home Run Inn, of course!! 🙂 ), it’s called Silver Beach something… and used to be a train station!!!

I LOVE St. Joseph because it holds GREAT memories for me ( we have been going there every year since i was very little). Every September, we go up to St. Joseph where we rent a little beach house. We have the place to OURSELVES because everyone else is in school but it is the PERFECT time to go because it is usually still warm enough for the beach to be enjoyable!! And if it’s not… we’re tough so it doesn’t really matter!!!

Last year!!

(from left): Me, John, Pete, james

We love our beach house!!!

So if you can imagine we are all pretty excited about our “taste” of our soon-approaching vacation!!!!

It’s also a hard-earned rest!!! Today…no, actually tonight, we finished our band auditions and put them on YouTube…for all to see!! 😛 No we had to put them there so that the director could watch them.

Anyway, I should go to bed now because i have to get up EARLY tomorrow!!!

My tie-dye skirt looks MAGNIFICENT and i will post a picture of it ASAP!!!

HOpe fully, tomorrow will be sunny so i can tan!!! 🙂

Nite y’all,

Claire Fischer


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