Canning Peaches with my Mom

Today i canned peaches! The epaches that we picked in michigan! It was fun! We made peach jam. You would NOT believe how much sugar there is in jam!!!!

skinned and cut peaches-what we start withafter we had done that we mixed it up with pectin, sugar, and lemon juice and boiled it in a pot. then we ladled it into jars:And boiled it in hot water to vacuum- seal the lids on. After 15 minutes we took them out:and set them on a cooling rack!!Our peach jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s cool cause you know that the boiling worked if it makes  a little “pop” noise when it gets taken out of the water.

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Claire Fischer


2 thoughts on “Canning Peaches with my Mom

  1. Isabel says:

    wait wait wait.. lemme guess.. somwhere between 6-8 cups of sugar? lol (i made jam for the fair 😉
    i like canning too. we were gonna can tomatoes tonight but it didnt happen.. we will be canning them soon though!
    i want to try your jam!!!

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