My Fun Life

Hi Everyone-

I had a great time in MI!!! I gave some wrong information here!! We didn’t go to the dunes!! We ended up going to Silver Beach in St. Joseph. It was really fun!! Like i had hoped…

the waves were AMAZING!!!!

John & I! I ♥ the beach

John & I were in the waves the most!!!

 We were all SUPER tired from body-surfing!!! It was the PERFECT day for it though!!! Before we went to the beach we picked up 15 pounds of blueberries and then picked our own peaches.

For dinner, we went to Silver Beach Pizza Co. which we go to every year when we are on our annual vacation. Hint to all you people!! if you ever find yourself in St Joseph, MI it is definitely WORTH YOUR TIME to track down this pizza place (which is in an old train station building) because they have AMAZING pizza!!! I would know cause i have been going there for a LONG time!! 🙂

Apparently, other people like it too because we had reserve a spot 30 minutes before showing up at the restaurant and then we waited for 40 minutes before we actually got a table!!! 😛

My 3 bros waiting for their table!!!!

 In 3 weeks, we get to go back to MI for a whole week and i am SO SO SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell?)

i am gonna open a new post now to write about something else!!!
Claire Fischer

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