Why I love it

Running is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

I know i have mentioned my 13.1 mile endeavours before!

I ran 5 miles today.

It was hot.

The wind was against me.

It was hard.

I Loved it!

Running is my exercise. If it’s not hard, then i make it hard.

I also love running cause it’s like my form of meditation.

It’s me

and God.

When I am running, i feel calm.

I relax.

I figure out my life. Everything seems possible when i am running…

probably because last year at this time running 5 miles didn’t seem possible!

Last year, every morning i would get up and run with my friends, izzse and Tess.

It was fun, but it was torture. 

I hate getting up early.

And i hated running.

And then in November i started liking it.

My birthday is in January. For my birthday, i got tons of running gear. I was DYING for spring! So i could start running again.

this summer has been so so hot. I didn’t run through 1/2 of May and all of June and 1/2 of July. then i started running again.

I have mentioned before my 13.1 mile schedule. well, i just finished week 2 and tomorrow i will start off week 3 with a 3-mile run.

my easy run.

last year, a mile and a half was a VICTORY for me!!

Another thing I like about running is that (most) runners are nice. Today I met a man. Just random. He asked me how far i was going and we talked about half-marathons.

A few weeks ago, I met a business man who used to run but now can’t because of lung cancer.

These are people i NEVER would have met if i didn’t run.

But truly, when i get back from a run, I feel motivated and full of peace. It’s really nice.

I also feel good about myself..which is an added plus!!

After my runs, i take a freezing cold shower.

If you ever need something to do, throw on a pair of shoes and run. it doesn’t matter if you run for 10 minutes or for 2 hours(i can’t do that!! :P). You’re still out there in nature, working out and enjoying peace!!!! You will be surprised what God tells you during these moments!!!

All for now,

Claire Fischer

3 thoughts on “Why I love it

  1. Isabel says:

    I need to run.. i used to but I stopped cuz i didnt like it.
    Em loves it.. maybe one of these days I will be inspired to take a run 😀

  2. hey claire,
    I started running again and it does fell good! hehehehe Well I’m not quite up to your 3 miles a day but I’m working my way up. TTYL!

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