It’s all in the way you look at it

Today i hung out with John and Peter ALL day LOOOONG!!!!!

James fractured his finger when we were in Michigan so Mom took him to the hospital. he now has a very cool splint. He wants everyone to sign it!!!

I don’t really have much to say…

I have been making a quilt. I didn’t really know i was that capable of sewing!!!! it’s not perfect but it’s REALLY cool!!!

Today i started school. Here is the paper i had to write:


Is it righteous to punish or reward some people for the actions of another?


By: Claire Fischer




Adam sinned. Eve sinned. And sin entered the world. All humans suffered because of Adam and Eve’s wrong choices. Because of that sin, man could no longer have a perfect relationship with God. Man would die. It was no longer a perfect world. All were punished for Adam’s sin. Because Adam sinned, we all became unpure.


Then, Jesus came. Did anyone deserve Jesus? No. But Jesus came and He paved a way for our salvation. He died for us and erased all of our sins with his innocent blood. Jesus Christ died for us. He was punished because we had sinned. He did not deserve this punishment but He was still punished and we were saved. Jesus was punished for us, just as we were punished for Adam.


Because of these two examples in the Bible, I believe that it is righteous to take the punishment for another. If we can’t suffer for another person’s sin, then we cannot truly be saved by Jesus’ blood, He suffered through so much more than we could ever imagine.


Culture believes that it is unethical to punish an innocent person for the actions of another. “It’s not fair!” it cries. Our modern world does not realize how unfair it was for Jesus to be punished for the actions of the whole world and not only that, but from the beginning of time to the end of time. Jesus died for people who haven’t been born yet. Take that into account, the next time you are witnessing. The next time you are suffering for your beliefs.


I do believe that Scripture teaches it is righteous to be rewarded for the actions of another. When Jesus died for us, we were rewarded with eternal life. It was Jesus who suffered on the cross, but it was we who were given the choice for eternal life. Our modern world says, “NO! I worked hard. I deserve my reward.” In fact, even those who are Christians want their rewards for jobs well done. And there is nothing wrong with that. Necessarily. However, if we are unwilling to allow other people to benefit from our work, or are unwilling to do work that only others will benefit from, then God cannot use us in His ultimate plan and that is a problem. Remember, “All things work together for the good of those who love Him.” If you are in God’s will, you will receive the ultimate reward.


What if every time someone else is rewarded for our hard work, or every time we are punished for someone else’s actions, what if we just let it happen. And remember what Jesus did for us. Everything will shrink in comparison.

MAybe 3 times today, i have been about to do somethign adn tehn thought aaout that paper and changed my attitude. It’s really amazing when you put it all into perspective!!!

Have you ever heard of the chalk man? this is a 3D chalk drawingAnd here's the same pic from a different PERSPECTIVE