I am bad at making up titles

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile… I have been busy as always!!!! 🙂

I am getting sick!! 😛 it really stinks. i have a sore throat and all these red bumps on teh back of my tongue( now they are on the center too) …i hope that wasnt too detailed a description for you…

I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 410 and it is supposed to arrive on Monday!! I am really excited! I have wanted one since i borrowed one from the lady i babysit for…she is basically the lady who got me started on my whole running thing!! Anyway, i knew they were expensive though so i didn’t want to buy one unless i KNEW that i would stick with running. I think i am gonna stick with running!!

I also signed up for 2 5k races. The ones i mentioned before. the sunset shuffle in bloomingdale and the cantigny one. I may also be doing a 3rd one in chicago that some friends told us about… i was talking to my dad about it and i think that one of the best things about the 5k’s is the t-shirts!! I told him that it was really cool to wear race t-shirts… but of course…this is only something RUNNERS WOULD understand!! jk! My dad is a very understanding guy! And that is one of the (many) reasons i love him SO very much!!!

You know…it’s VERY interesting. WordPress has this thing called stats that tells you how many viewers have looked at your post (no names, don’t worry). 11 PEOPLE have viewed this blog today and only ONE person did the little poll i set up for y’all… you know, guys! I REALLY appreciate your feedback!!!!


please pray that i will not get anymore sick and that i will get BETTER!!!!

if any of you have prayer requests just send them to me via comment (no one will see it but me, unless otherwise specified) and i will pray for you!!!!

I love you all and i am VERY grateful to you all for reading my blog and making me feel special!

Claire Fischer


One thought on “I am bad at making up titles

  1. Isabel says:

    Awww get well soon, Claire! ❤

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