ha ha. see? that caught your attention!!!

Anyway, my one true love is running… i just realized that… it’s so funny that i hated it so much alst year and now i love it…. i hope that’s not what it’s like for when i get married!! 😛 although it was a nice surprise!!

My Girl by Mindless Behavior is a good song… it’s stupid but i  ♥ it…i guess i am a sucker for a love song!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “MY ONE TRUE LOVE

  1. Isabel says:

    You’re gonna marry a guy who likes to go running, Claire! 😀

    and now I need to go look up “my girl” on youtube.. I’ll letcha know how I like it.. im a sucker for love songs too 😉

  2. Isabel says:

    ok.. dude. i reeeeeeallllllllyyyyyyyy dooooooonnnnntt liiiiiike “my girl” by mindless behavior.
    i didnt know the name of that song, but now i do. they play it in every store every time i go shopping!! ugh. its wayy over played..

    BUT- i still like love songs. just.. not that one lol
    try: “All I ask of you” from Phantom of The Opera 2004 by Andrew Lloyd Webber… =L<3VEEEE!!!!!!!!

  3. Isabelle says:

    Hey Claire,
    Your hilarious! I LOVE ya! LOl, I LOVE running too.


  4. Clara says:

    Hey Claire you did get my attention!!! Great way to get peoples attebtion!! MISS YOU!

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