Bad day includes:

I am so TIRED today!

Being TIRED makes me GRUMPY.

Actualy, i have been tired for awhile.

Cause i NEVER cry.

i don’t know why but i don’t…

once when i was making a movie w/ a friend i had to put soap in my eyes to make myself cry…

anyway in teh past 2 days i have cried 3 times….i only cry when i am tired

or sick

or both.


Today i ran 3 miles. it was HOT!!

And it was hard cause it was tempo training!!!!


My back is ACHING!!!! I need one of those chiropractic massages. I can actually give really good massages….but no one else in my family can… and i mean like the kind of massage that works out all the stress knots and actually kinda hurts…that kind of massage.


I went to the library and got Runner’s World magazines… today i felt SO unmotivated to run. While iw alked to my starting point, iw as just DREADING the run!!! I have run this route a couple times before and i really do NOT like it. I don’t know why. Once i get my Forerunner 410 i am NEVER runnign that route again…(except for the annual race that uses that route..).

Oh!!! My back is KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep trying tos tretch it out…. i prolly look hilarious cos i am doing all these weird stretching things…it’s not working….

maybe i should go to bed…

cos i feel grumpy.

If i get less than 7 hour of sleep at night i am a GRUMPY GRUMPY person.

Last night, i got 6…you can iamgine the outcome….

in one of my first posts i was grumpy too….

you know

everyone has those days.


I am thinking of entering a new poll cos they are FUN!!! especially to see the results.. I am out of poll ideas though so send me your ideas!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Love u all and now it is time for bed(well kinda…actually i will prolly still be up for another hour… :P),

Claire Fischer


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