My Garmin Forerunner 410

Ugh! MY Garmin cam on Monday. just like it was supposed to.

Right on time.

Except for the fact that…

they sent THE WRONG THING!!!!!

So, I have to send it back and wait for my new one!!!

Oh, oh,oh. I HATE to wait!


Sunday and Monday I got to babysit for the Jones’ Family. you know, the lady who writes Seven from Heaven? They are her kids and i got to babysit them. How fun! they are the SWEETEST girls! They have all been through SO much. We had a pillow fight which they loved. I wish i could see them more. they are so sweet and cute. And full of personality!

On Monday, we went to pick up violins. The violins are so little! Just like them. So cute!

I would put a picture on here…but! I can’t find my USB cord. Grrrr.


When my Garmin comes I will be very happy.  Today I ran a 5k route. It was so so hard! It was hot and i did tempo training so i had to run REALLY fast and got burnt out 2/3 of the way thru! But, I can’t expect all my runs to be easy…i suppose….


So far, I am enjoying school.

But it hasn’t really started yet so… 🙂

all right, later people.

Claire Fischer

P.S. Thanks as always for reading my blog!!!

One thought on “My Garmin Forerunner 410

  1. Bob says:

    Bob is back go Bob

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