I’m back!!!

Sorry I haven’t written for a couple of days.. i do have a life youknwo!! 😛 Actually, school started so… 😛

Today, i was supposed to run 7 miles..but…since my Garmin has come…and then been shipped back(:( ) I have felt VERY unmotivated to run… It’s kind of awful! Everytime i am mapping out a run or running i get so ANGRYand start thinking all, “I could have my garmin right now and then i wouldn’t HAVE to map out this run…” or something along those lines!! I guess i am being a BIT of a brat about it… Abby is FED UP with me talking about it and she CAN’T wait for it to be here either… she told me, “Well, i would prefer that you talk about how much you love your Garmin rather than here you complaining about it not being here yet..” I have called their business like a million times. And after i called my mom said, “They would prolly be SO surprised to know that you are a 14-year-old…” heh-heh…WHOOPS!!! 🙂 But, once it gets here i will stop complaining…i COULD go on FOREVER!!! Like, for example, when i called them and they were gonna make me pay extra money even though it was THEIR mistake…

okay moving on! Last night, Abby and I talked for a REALLY long time and because i had water in my ear that wouldn’t come out(we went swimming at a friend’s house), I had to lay on my bed in this REALLY uncomfortable position!!! So at 11:30ish abby and i went in the basement. I was up past midnight and as i have said BEFORE… i am not quite myself when i don’t get enough sleep… today i am riding along on ym bike thinking about how pretty the day was and how we are so lucky to have bikes and jsut get ot hang out with our friends and have a (relatively) normal life…and then like 5 minutes later i was in an AWFUL mood. Right now, i’m good though.. 🙂

GUESS WHAT??!??!?? I got into Junior Band!!!!!! And I am 5th chair..which is good cause there are like 16 clarinetists. YAYAYAYAYAY! And so did my sister and my brother. My ONE friend got 2nd chair in clarinet(which is really good!)!!!! And my OTHER friend( i have many… :)) got into Symphonic Band which is the BEST band so I am REALLY proud of her!!! So, we are all happy about that!

Um um um… we are going n vacation NEXT week!!!! Which means we leave a week from tomorrow…don’t worry…i will (prolly) still be able to do posts!

And since i have run out of things to say (for now) and i want to go watch iRobot i am going to end the entry!

All for now,

Claire Fischer



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