my happiness(and annoyedness…at guess who??)

My happiness is that yesterday i ran 7 miles!!!! it was the perfect day for a run! I ran on the Prairie path which is really pretty. I went with John which was fun…an nice cause he held my water bottle for me in his bike. He’s a very nice guy. He’s really considerate 9most of the time… 🙂 )

aND MY ANNOYEDNESS just dissipated!!!!! Read this email i JUST received(as in 5 seconds ago):

Hi Claire,
We spoke on the phone on Friday regarding the return of your Garmin watch.
I wanted to fill the exchange this morning, however I am still awaiting the transfer from our retail location for your correct watch. I wanted to communicate this to you because I remembered you asked for an email verification of the exchange, and also out of courtesy because you have been so corporative and patient with us. Since you paid for the shipping back to us, I can offer you UPS Ground 2 day when the watch does arrive, I am hopping sometime early this week.
Again, my sincere apologize for the delay and the mistake to begin with. As always, I appreciate your patience.

I kid you not that when i got that i started hopping around! And squealing. And about 5 minutes before i got that email i had texted my friend about it saying:

im trying 2 trust god on thsi but i REALLY dont see how it’s possible that it could get here by saturday

When I got that email i prayed, “God, thank you so so so much!!! I am sorry for ever doubting you!” isn’t He amazing?

One last thing.

Sorry for another email clogging up your inbox but the item actually JUST came in! I will process this and have your new Garmin 410 with HR monitor in the mail for you this afternoon!

I wasn’t really patient about it. In fact, i was a brat about it. But God still loves me. He loves me enough to let this happen. Even when I am being a brat. And I am sorry for being a brat about it. For being impatient and mean. I may have said some things on here that weren’t very kind about them. And i am sorry. They are doing their best over there at See Jane Run!!!!

Ok. Bye Now.
Claire Fischer

2 thoughts on “my happiness(and annoyedness…at guess who??)

  1. Aah! see! With God all things are possible!!!! =)

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