Something mroe interesting than myself (for a change)

What should i say???

My Garmin is in Hodgkins, IL so…i have No idea where that is but it’s prolly closer than California!! 🙂

Today i learned how to sing the chorus of When You Believe(Prince of Egypt) in duet form with Tess. it sounds AMAZING and we videoed it but wordpress doesn’t allow my video form so i can’t upload it! 😦

I am sick…which if you can imagine, is NOT fun!!! But, i suppose it is better to get sick now than when i go on vacation!!!

PLEASE take that poll if you are reading this post!! Cause i ♥ polls!!!

I hope you all enjoy the new format of my blog!! I noticed i have gotten more views lately so i guess it’s appealing (just joking!! 🙂 )

Hmm…what shoudl i write about. On WordPress, there is this thing called Freshly Pressed, with all the “best” blogs of the day on WordPress…they are VERY interesting…my blog is all about me…which i fear, can get a little boring after awhile, or alot boring! 😛

So i am now going to talk about space debris!! I am not joking. Did you know that space junk has become such a problem that experts are now trying to find a way to clean it up? Yes, remember those Space Junk games (well, i do). There are 22,000 objects in orbit that are BIG enough for scientists to track which mean there are who-knows-how-many littler pieces!!! How crazy!! Anyway, this is a potentially hazardous situation that could cause accidents with satellites, spaceships, etc.

When the Space Age started (54 years ago), people eventually began to notice that the boosters, and other parts of a spaceship that come of while in space were leaving behind space junk so they came up with a plan that would stop so much junk from entering space. Then something that China did messed that all up.

So what are we gonna do about it? “…vacuuming up debris with weird space technology — cosmic versions of nets, magnets and giant umbrellas, according to the chairman of an expert panel that issued a new report on the problem Thursday.” says a Yahoo! web page by Seth Borenstein, and AP science writer. ( That sounds COOL! But rather expensive!! So i wonder, would it be the whole world paying for it or just the US???

I hope that was more usual than the claire- Claire- CLAIRE- CLAIRE usual!!!! 😀

Love yall-

Claire Fischer

2 thoughts on “Something mroe interesting than myself (for a change)

  1. Isabel says:

    ♫There can be miracles, when you believeeee, though hope is frail, its haaaard to killlll… who knows what miracles, you can achieve, when you believe..somehow you will. you will when youuu believeeee!♫ LOVE THAT SONG!
    NO! your blog is NOT boring!!! its awesome!!! cuz you actually WRITE about stuff! my blog is all posts of videos and pictures but no paragraphs.. its lame 😛
    ok, now im not gonna be able to sleep at night, claire! thanks a lot! im going to be sitting in bed, wide awake, petrified that some giant piece of space junk will come shooting down from the sky and fly through our roof into my room and smash me! :/ im gonna save my money to buy vacuum thingy so i can protect myself from all the space junk!
    Hasta manana, amiga!
    un abrazo!! ❤

  2. Lili says:

    help!!! save me from the space junk!

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