Something to chew on

You know, I read other blogs. And they are SO full of meaning.

ME? I am doing this cause i am a girl with too much to say.

I’m loud. Slightly immature. Trying to please God. But it’s hard. And i read ( ) and I wish i could have that kind of faith and love for Jesus! Her posts are SO inspiring.

Mine are just…kinda silly. And every once in a while i get a random inspiration.

Today I had a conversation with a friend about dying for Christ.

What would you do if someone pointed a gun at you and told you to denounce your faith.

I said my heart would break. It would. There’s so much life left to live! Of course, I don’t imagine this will happen since it is slightly rare, but truly, what would your answer be? Would you do it? would you choose your life over God?

It’s kind of like the story of Peter at the crucifixion. Three times he was given the chance to tell the truth and 3 times he denied knowing Christ. The guilt that he harbored until Jesus forgave him must’ve been immense.

God is forgiving. But can’t we love Him enough to die for Him? He died for us. I am NOT saying that we should go put ourselves into suspicious situations where we could get killed for our beliefs. And you will probably never have a gun at your head with the choice to renounce Him and live.

But what about everyday things? Standing up for what you KNOW is right even when others mock you. Standing firm in your convictions from God. I have convictions from God that are hard for me to keep. Without others saying it’s dumb. But in the end, i want to be able to stand before God and say that I tried my very best and that when I messed up, I asked for forgiveness and made it right.

Because that’s what matters in the long run. We won’t be standing before our bullies when we die. Not the cool people. But God. God is who we will be answering to. Who we always are answering to.

Deceit. No one else knows. but God knows. Make it right with Him and with others.

Maybe you had a fight and are too proud to apologize. Humble yourself, like Jesus, the king of Creation, humbled Himself for us.

It’s things like these that shape who we are. And it’s hard, but it’s teh right thing to do.

You know, that “nagging” you get inside your head when you know something is wrong. Listen to it. stand up for your faith.


4 thoughts on “Something to chew on

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    You write really well. I enjoyed your post – thanks.

  2. Claire says:

    Te quieeeeeeero muuuuuuuucho Magadalena:-)

  3. My girl! You are light years ahead of where i was at your age. Stand firm, claire. Listen and seek him and obey. He loves you so dearly and has blessed you with such a loving family and wise parents. Are you up for another trip to the violin shop? Or maybe you could stay behind with the ones who dont need to go up a size. I’ll keep in touch with you in the next couple weeks.
    Because of jesus-
    Colossians 3!
    Mrs. J

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