Ah, My Friends! I ♥ vacation!

Go-karts at Captain Mike's: A family favorite!


Me driving a go-kart…i got the slow one

Collecting Leaves: Even on vacation, school follows

My Nana and Aunt came up over the weekend!! Here we are at a winery...look at the view!!


Lake Michigan Sunsets are amazing! Here are Pete, John, and me enjoying a particularly lovely one!The beautiful night sky

Sunset at the beach

I love vacation so much. Of course, the minute we get home from vacation we are back to our busy lives but it is so worth it! I went on one run the whole week!! My Garmin is amazingly awesome! However, on my next scheduled running day (Wednesday) I slit my foot on a rock at the beach so i couldn’t run for the rest of the week. Bla bla bla… 🙂

The weather was mighty cold!! And breezy! But that didn’t stop us! well, mostly Peter, James, and I. We are lion-hearted!! 🙂 Peter explained to Dad when asked if he wanted to go to the beach with James: “NO! It’s no fun without Claire!”  Whoops! Let me go deflate my head!! 😀 Nothing like THAT to make a girl feel wanted and loved!!

I stink at ping-pong. But John and Abby are the reigning champions! John is very proud of that and wanted me to add that in here!! 🙂

Hm…currently nothing more to say.


I am what poor people have and what rich people need. I am what blind people see and deaf people hear. I am what brave people fear and what kind people hate. And though hateful people love me, only the biggest fools really know me.

What am I?

Answer in a comment and i will post all of your answers as well as the answer on Friday!

Until then,



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