12,2,3 for me!

Tonight at 5:00 I ran in a race! The Sunset Shuffle 5k. It was drizzling and very chilly and…well, perfect running weather!

Before the race...in my lucky shirt!

Yup, some people see that kind of weather and get out the hot cocoa mugs, blankets and good books to read by the fire….not me! In fact, my FAVORITE time to run is when it’s raining. Once last year, I ran at a track in icy sleet. It was pure bliss. In a horrible sort of way. It was cold and wet. On one stretch of the track the sleet was stinging at my face. But, hey!, that’s what runners are made of right?! “We are made of blood and tears. We shower in our sweat..” you get the idea. 🙂

Feeling so good I am SMILING!

Anyway, this race… I don’t know, I just had a feeling it would be a good one! Was it? Yes. I ran fast and hard. Now, in comparison to some of you faster runners my time is slow. My first mile was 7 minutes. My second mile 7:30, and my last 7:41. And many people, including www.nyflygirl.wordpress.com like to run their half-marathons at this pace. Me? No. This is my fast 5k pace and I am pretty darn proud of it! 🙂 I sprinted through the finish line with a grand time of 24:07 (which is my PR, but from a different race).

Sprinting the last .1 of the race

And to make things better, I came in 12th over all, 2nd in my age group, and third in my sex! So, YAY!!! That’s the closest I have ever come to winning one of these!!!

Of course, we had some confusion over where exactly the ceremony was taking place and missed it… 😦 But when I get my medals, I will have officially won my first-ever, legitimate medal! 🙂 Am I proud?



After the race

4 thoughts on “12,2,3 for me!

  1. Bob says:

    “We are made of blood and tears. We shower in our sweat” Lol lol love it!!!

  2. Isabel says:

    Whoo!! Yeahhh Claire!!!!!!!!

  3. nyflygirl says:

    definitely be proud of your time-that is great (and not slow at all!! believe me, there have been times where I have run 5ks plenty slower than that 😛 and considering you’re still pretty new, that is only gonna get better!) and congrats on winning an age group award too…that is always exciting 🙂 i’ve only won 2 AG awards in my running lifetime (the NYC metro area is uber-competitive) so I’ve definitely treasured those moments 🙂

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