3 thoughts on “India

  1. Isabel says:

    Ooooh!!!!!!! Yayyy can I come with you and we can be twin “Amy Carmichaels”??
    I love forign languages so I can learn “Hindi” (the launguage of India) and be your personal interpreter! Together we can rescue helpless/needy orphans and bring them to your orphanage where we will care for them and teach them about the love of Jesus!!!!! :DD

    Now all we need is someone to donations so we can open the orphanage.. lets have a bake sale!!! ;D

    • bubblygirl97 says:

      Lol! Yes!! And i have gotten a third person to come help at our orphanage too!!! She’s gonna be a teacher! You know Lauren smock, right?? Anyways, i will learn hindi with you all though you will probably be better at it!! 🙂

  2. Isabel says:

    Yes I know Lauren from frisbee!!!! she’s awesome 😀
    haha no I think we will be equally good at Hindi!
    this is gonna be awesome lol!!!
    Look out India, HERE WE COMEEEEEE!!!

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