10-miler…not today.

Today was not my best running day. I think I kind of knew it would be.

For example, I set my alarm for 5:45 so  could be out and running at 6 and get in my (first-ever) 10-miler. It never went off. However, another alarm went off at 6 so I only woke up 15 minutes late.

But it was raining. No POURING! It was loud and dark…and cold. VERY COLD! So, I got ready to go and I went downstairs, determined to get this run in, but it was a no-go. There was NO way my parents were letting me go out in that weather. So, I went back to bed. Which was good because I needed those last 2 hours of sleep! 🙂 I suppose it was a hidden blessing.

Anyway, so then I decided I would go running after my speech class, since we had an hour wait before we would go home. I planned out a whole 10-mile run (yeah, I wasn’t giving that idea up–yet).

However, I overlooked the fact that the majority of my run  was on some major highways. And, this time it wasn’t only my mom who was concerned for my safety–other moms at speech were worried too! 🙂

So, Mom drove me to a little neighborhood. And the route itself was about a mile and a half long…so I ran it again…and again.


I ran this three times


It wasn’t the most fun run I had ever done…but it was a nice change of scenery from my usual. Mom drove in the van behind me and talked to her friends. I just ran and thought about life…and slightly died.

Anyway. I didn’t get 10 miles ran. I ran( haha) out of time after 5.08 miles and truth be told…i don’t think i could have run much more. I was SO tired.  I really need to get to bed sooner! But, i wasn’t that disappointed that I didn’t get my SM (Scheduled Miles) because I still have a month to train for my 1/2 MARATHON!!!!

It is October 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “10-miler…not today.

  1. You go girl! Whether rain or shine the Pony Express must go on….or whatever…come to think of it that doesnt really relate

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