Why I should stop being so polite…

You know me (maybe..).  I am polite and friendly. When I am walking down the street I will say hello or wave or smile or something to passersby…


Well, the problem is “Morning” and “Evening” are REALLY nice greetings. You know, 2 syllables so you can happily chirp them out. Or  mumble them as you shuffle pass.

“Af-ter-noon”? Not so much. It’s long and 3 WHOLE syllables!! You have to start saying it WAAAAAAY before you actually reach the person in order to finish it before you are talking to their back.

So. This is me walking along at 3 in the afternoon. And I see the mailman up ahead. So, to be polite and friendly and all that, I decide to say hello. So, I am nearing him and he is giving me a nervous look. <Is she going to say hi to me? Should I say hi to her? Is she going to awkwardly ignore me?>Those sorts of questions I imagine are going through his head.

These thoughts are going through my head, < Ok. almost. not quite yet. In a few seconds. Hmm, should I say “Hi”? That’s kinda lame.agh! I missed it!> So I blurt out, “morning” as we pass. UGH! I did it again… gr.

Oh well. Maybe next time I will get it right… 🙂 Although, that’s what I said last afternoon too.

Anyway, on the bright side of things:


Yeah! You know what it is! Ok.

Last night, I signed up for my half-marathon! I am so so hyped about it all! Saturday is going to be the deciding moment…well deciding 2+ hours. Because that is going to be my long 10-mile run and I am hoping for good weather and good sleep before it!






3 thoughts on “Why I should stop being so polite…

  1. Isabel says:

    Wow I have so totally done this. Always greeting people.. always waiting for the “perfect moment”, many times messing up my greeting cuz im in such a hurry. siiiiigh xP
    Wooh!! sweet medal Claire! Yoooouu goo girllll!! ❤

  2. Lili says:

    hahaha this is so hilarious claire! 🙂 but dont stop being nice and polite! lol

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