On the subject of Christmas…

Tonight I helped my little brothers pack their Operation Christmas Child boxes.

When I was younger, I packed one every year.

It’s so great and it helps kids to keep things in perspective during the Christmas season.

Mom took the little boys to Target and they bought Hot Wheels, shirts, pens, toothbrushes, little toothpaste tubes, and other little trinkets. Then they wrapped a shoebox, wrote a note and printed out a picture. Put all the items in the box and voilá! You have a gift for a little kid.

Check the appropriate age and tape it on the box

It’s also fun thinking about the person you are blessing with the present. Possible someone who has NEVER gotten a gift before! It’s such a ministry.

Our family is doing it with our church but if you would like to pack a box go to this website which gives you all the info as well as maps out the nearest drop-off location from your house. It is very inexpensive but a great way to remember the real point of Christmas.

I am planning on dropping by Target tomorrow after my race to buy some things for a box! 🙂

OK, now an update on my knee.

I talked to an awesome runner today and she said:

1) Ice it.

2) Stretch

3) Run the race tomorrow.

I wanted to hug her. I am NOT running the whole things but I am gonna try jogging some of it! 🙂

The most important part though is that she said I will be able to run again!! And, I know that it’s thinking the worst but I really was feeling iffy about that. 😦

Anyway she gave me tons of info about everything running! 🙂

Now if you want to know where I met her, click here!

One thought on “On the subject of Christmas…

  1. Abigail says:

    I love those shoeboxes! Good luck tomorrow!

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