Claire hates taking break days.

Hates it.

So I took Sunday through Friday off like a good little runner girl.

And then I ran my ♥ out Saturday.

You know, how I was complaining about having to walk the 5K. Well, that never happened. 🙂 I ran it.

It rocked!

I was slow but…who cares?

I came in 6th in my age group (0-14) And 188th overall. My time was 27:05 which was alot better than I had expected! 🙂 I counted how many people I passed to keep myself running and I will have you know that only 2 people passed me and I passed around 100 🙂

I'm a good stretcher...

Me, running

SO what’s on my agenda now?


My goal is to get my 5K time down to 18 minutes!!!!


That’s the program I am using (configured as always to fit my schedule!! 🙂 )

I am way too busy… 😛

One thought on “5K

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Be careful Claire. If you isolate and over-train any one muscle group, you will destroy your body in time. I am not trying to be discouraging, just cautionary.

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