I can’t hear my own thoughts today!!

Agh! All day music has been playing in my head!!! So so very annoying. and kind of entertaining. Even if I get weird looks from people, as I gallop down the halls humming the Mario Bros. theme song!!!

Currently, I have a Taylor Swift stuck inside:

And also, a song from band practice:

It doesn’t really sound like that that much but whatever…

Anyway, today was my busy day!

At 6:40, my alarm went off and I laid there trying tore member what day of the week it was and WHY my alarm was going off (this happens often).

Anyway, today is Thursday if you are wondering. And that means running. I was gonna skip it.

Sadly. it has become a bad habit of mine to skip my Thursday runs, mainly because during my half-marathon training Thursdays were my 6 mile runs and who in their right mind wants to run 6 miles at 7 in the morning by themselves? It gets lonely. Music would be nice. Because the one time I DON’T have a life soundtrack is when I’m running. All songs escape my brain.


You are my strength when I am weak.

You are my breath when I can’t breathe.

(And no! That is NOT what she is saying. This is my runner brain singing!! 🙂 )

This is one of my absolute favorite songs in the whole world.

Where was I?

Who knows!?

I love that song too.

And of course:

Check out this blog for an update on them!! And the CMA’s.

And yes, it is fun to hyperlink random things, if you were wondering.


One thought on “I can’t hear my own thoughts today!!

  1. I have a hard time getting motivated for my Thursday runs too…so close to the end of the week, so easy to sleep in and skip!

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