The Art of Rapping, er I mean *wrapping*

I am one of those gift people. No, I do not start shopping for Christmas presents in January (I bought my first present in September, thank you very much) but I often have a long list of all the people I am buying for every year.

I start planning what to buy people in late October.

And usually almost, if not all, my presents are bought before the 2nd week of December.

So maybe I am a bit of an over-achiever, but what can I say? I like to be prepared!

Anyway, moving on.

Wrapping is fun (so is rapping), but it’s more fun if the end product actually looks GOOD. At that usually only happens when the thing you are wrapping is a book or a box. But everyone knows that.

I am one of those people who likes all the presents they wrap to look perfect. One of those people who scours the house looking for a box to put each present in, so that it will look good. And no, I am not a perfectionist. Or an OCD anything!! 🙂 I’m just…like that.

Today I was helping my mom wrap presents for some relatives (she has like a million presents to wrap) and she is not like me in the way that everything has to be in a box.

So, John, James, Pete, and I are all hanging out in my mom’s room wrapping these presents for her and kind of going crazy. And you will never guess what! Someone brought drumsticks to church on Sunday.

So we had ourselves a little (w)rapping party. I kid you not.

It was amusing. And as i have mentioned before, I love singing loudly (i.e. at the top of my lungs, like literally).

And since it’s 11:28, I have to go to bed.

more tomorrow!

Love yall



One thought on “The Art of Rapping, er I mean *wrapping*

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Hmm, that gives an interesting picture. Hey, if you are gonna sing, give it all you got.

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