I’m running in the rain

As I bolt down my driveway and turn onto the sidewalk I feel myself falling back into the same routine.

I contemplate that maybe this is what it’s like living in southern states during the winter. Rain, rain, and more rain. Thankfully, as I continue through my run, the rain slows to a drizzle and then to a complete stop.

I pretend that I am a ninja, avoiding the puddles, always aware of my surroundings.

Running quickly, faster, faster, faster.

My first mile speeds by in 7 minutes.

My second mile follows closely in 7:30.

I feel refreshed and renewed, knowing that if I can keep my pace close I will finish faster than my race PR.

I turn out of the downtown and start down the path. Running around the puddles and into the mud. I feel my toes freezing as muddy rainwater seeps into my shoes.

My third mile is finished in 8 minutes and much to my surprise, I maintain my pace for the last mile.

I stop my Garmin and slow down to a walk once my watch beeps for the fourth time.

Sweat and rain mix as my body catches up with the rest of me.

My mind is clear.

I am sore but happy.

This is why I love what I do.


2 thoughts on “I’m running in the rain

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Yeah, freezing toes. Totally commiserate. Not that their is anything wrong with freezing your toes off, or anything else for that matter. :-)3

  2. Jennifer says:

    I enjoyed this post. I like the way you write as if you are thinking it…Awesomeness!

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