*Christmas Special*

We just had ourselves a GREEN Christmas!

And guess what!? I’m don’t care.

Usually I am like the White Christmas queen! 🙂 But I am actually happy that there’s no snow on the ground.

We have had the tamest December that I can remember!! Today I went on a walk with my friend and it felt like Spring!

This makes me really happy for lots of reasons.

1) I like Spring.

2) When there isn’t snow on the ground it’s warm!

3) When it’s warm out (as in…40 degrees) it’s easier to haul myself outside for a run…or a bike…or a rollerblade…;)

4) Also, when there’s no snow on the ground, there’s no ice so when I am running there’s less of a chance of slipping and/or falling (something I am prone to do considering I am one of those blessed people who can trip on nothing).

Now, I am not a snow-hater. In fact, snow can be very pretty! Just when it’s early April and there’s still snow on the ground and it’s been there for four months. I’m like, “NO!!! GO AWAY!!! You are no longer wanted in my life!!!!” So, the later the snow comes, the better, because the actual coming of the snow is inevitable.

Ah, the life I lead in the cold, snowy state of Illinois.

Well, moving on to happier subjects!

I hope all my readers had a very very merry Christmas!!! 😉 I know that I sure did! I am quite relaxed and happy. Well, okay, not that relaxed. After all, when is a high school student EVER relaxed? Well, I’m not. Okay, I am kinda.

It’s half-and-half.

Moving on again.

Oh whenever you are reading my blog posts, just ignore the “moving on”‘s that you will most likely encounter at least 4 times in each post. That’s really a little note to myself that I need to move on and stop confusing you.

I want to know what you FAVORITE present from THIS year is. No saying “Jesus” because we all know that’s everyone’s favorite Christmas present! Your favorite material Christmas present you received this year! Just put it as a comment!!! I can’t wait to hear from you all!. I am still deciding what my favorite is so…when I decide that I will put in my own comment of what my favorite is.

And believe it or not, that one paragraph you just finished reading was the whole point of my post. And it took me this long to get to it. See, that’s the greatness of my blog. It should really be called Randomness 101.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

2 thoughts on “*Christmas Special*

  1. Abigail says:

    That’s too hard of a question! Well, actually no, my favorite present was getting better. Just in time for Christmas! =) Merry Christmas all! =)

  2. Natalie says:

    hahaha 🙂 yeah I kinda agree with Abby 🙂 that is a hard question to answer lol. I guess my fav present this year is… my two new awesome sk8tr belts!!!!! and my can of Arizona Ice tea 🙂 I luv this stuff 🙂 it’s so perfect to drink on a day like today lol 🙂

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