Sugar Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the past two days, I have had two fully caffeinated Starbucks. That is more than I usually have in 2 months. Today I was telling my friend that I could now control my caffeine rush. This is because the last time I had caffeine with her I had a bit of a…breakdown in the candy shop (our next stop). Let’s just say, I couldn’t stop laughing. And we’ll leave it at that. Anyways, I got a skinny peppermint latte today and realized that maybe I couldn’t fully control my caffeine rushes as well as I thought (this I determined by my sudden increase in giggling after my first few sips of the coffee). So I’m on coffee and a little crazy.

Let’s move on to my little brother. We get lots of candy for Christmas. Lots. And. Lots. And. Lots. Of. Candy. And because we are all relaxed and kind of disoriented from rich holiday food and our current setup of things flooding our living room that candy stays in the living room, fully accesible to all. Which means my little brothers eat lots of candy. I got a lot of candy. But I either ate most of it on Christmas Eve or didn’t get as much as my little brothers because they have some sort of candy sticking out of their mouth every time I see them. Today I was talking to Peter and I was like,

How come you are so mischievous lately??

He didn’t of course answer me cause he was too busy being mischievous (;) ) and it’s kind of hard to talk around a mouthful of candy.

Candy! Of course! No wonder he’s been so mischievous. My little brother is on a sugar rush. A perpetual one. It’s almost funny. I don’t really get on sugar highs and that’s why it took me so long to realize he was on one.

Eventually the candy will run out, our house will be restored to its former state, and he will stop being quite as mischievous, but for now, I guess we will have a Puckish Pete (which by the way puckish means mischievous or impish).

I think we are all going to go into withdrawal when school starts again. 🙂



One thought on “Sugar Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    The last time I had a sugar rush, it felt like spikes were driving into my eyeballs from underneath. Caffeine however, has ceased to have any affect on me. Seriously. I drink a cup or two of coffee and it does nothing

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