Be proud, be very proud

So, today I was cranky. Yeesh. I would NOT have put up with myself. So firstly, thanks to all of you who put up with me…

Okay, the reason I was so darn grumpy is because I was tired. See, I humor myself by believing that during break I will catch up on lost sleep. But during break I always stay up late cause I know that I can sleep in. But I can’t. Like it is physically impossible for my body (or brain or whatever) to stay asleep past 9:30. And I am like the kind of person who needs to be in bed by 10. This explains my love for computers seeing as it is already 10:25…

So. I was tired. So, after snapping at multiple people I decided to run. At first, I was only going to run 3 miles cause I was so tired. But once I got to 3 miles, I decided I would run 4 miles. But at 4 miles I wouldn’t stop. I was tired and gasping for air (I probably could have crawled up those hills faster) but I finished my last mile ending up running 5 miles! That’s the longest I have run since like November!

I was SO happy. I felt So good. And thus starts my half-marathon training! 🙂

Oh and my new year’s resolution list so far has one thing:

I will run 500 miles throughout all of 2012.

WOW. That’s alot. And since I am on break (i.e. my brain is on break) I can’t really work out how many miles I have to run each week. If I ran every day I would only have to run 1.4 miles, but that’s lame and I don’t run every day so I don’t know how many I would have to run…

Anyways, my half-marathon training has officially recommenced and I am training for a spring marathon (TBA) as well as the Chicago Half-Marathon (September) and of course the Monster Dash (October).


One thought on “Be proud, be very proud

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Good luck, God carry you. That would be 9.62 miles a week.

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