Typhoid Clairie

You know, like Typhoid Mary but my name instead?! No I didn’t come up with that. I think my dad did.

Soo, on Saturday, I woke up and felt gross. And throughout the day that grossness turned into feverness. Like 103-degree feverness. So, I rung in the New Year with my mom and sister on the couch watching Life As We Know It and then I went to bed at 11.

On Sunday, I skipped church because of my 101 degree fever and laid in bed all day, reading books. And sleeping. On Monday, “Courageous” Claire trekked down the stairs to go to her online class. Ugh. Most tortorous hour-and-a-half of my life!! And i really like that class. I did a little school that day.

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor. And thankfully, I don’t have strep, or pneumonia, or bronchitis. I have an ear infection. I can’t even feel it… but I feel the fever and the tiredness and the incessant coughing. Blech.

Yesterday, I laid in bed. My mom, sister, and brother left for a speech tournament (First realy speech tourney and I’m missing it!!! ) At 3, my other two little brothers, my dad, and I drove down to my Grandpa’s where I sat in a chair and did math and sorted through my grandma’s jewelry. šŸ˜¦ We went out for dinner and then after a little while we went home. It was really sad.

Today, I did school! Yay I caught up in my Omnibus, Biology,math (not, but i did a page). Okay I would have done more but Omnibus took me two hours because we are going through The Histories by Herodotus and man, he does not mince his words… I also listened to an online class archive that I missed. I have been drinking lots of water because of my cough. I don’t usually drink this much. Maybe I should start a new habit. But then of course I would spend half my life in the bathroom so I think NOT!!! šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Typhoid Clairie

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Ouch! That is a high temperature. So you missed your running speech?

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