A dissection

I realize that as of late I have been less than optimistic about my life. But I have not been high-energy. Soo, that ruins the high-energy optimist part. And because of my pneumonia, I cannot be a low, medium, or high-core runner cause I can’t run. So that knocks out the medium-core runner part. And although I am a very random person in all aspects of my life. Lately I have only been complaining about how bad my life is right now. So, that kills the “little randomness thrown in”. So now we have dissected my sub-title and realized that as of current events, I have not been fulfilling any part of my blog description.

I am sorry.

I truly am.

I am being a grumpy-butt and I really need to just pull myself out of that funk. Why is everyone so happy these days?  Why am I so grumpy?

I am sick and tired of being inside all the time! I am so fed up with doing school, school, school. I do the work but I miss out on the “out” it provides. And being the girl who is gone more than she is home…it takes a little getting-used-to. And once I get used to it, I’m bored of it.

BUT! I am NOT complaining anymore. I am going to be happy, not mad. Chirpy, not snarky. Optimistic, not pessimistic. Grateful, not complaining.

Yay. 🙂 Happy-face. Smile, Claire.

Say something nice to your brother instead of yelling at him (no matter how satisfying that is or how much they deserve it).

Look outside at the pretty snow. Go for a walk. Get outside and smell the fresh-snow smell.

You’re wearing makeup so act the way you’d act if you were out, instead of in.

Write a blog post, since that makes you so happy. It’s very nice to know that I am writing what I think and that other people are typing in www.bubblygirl97.wordpress.com and reading my thoughts!!!

Post a picture, cause you never do.

Pray, cause that’s always good to do.

Stop thinking sarcastic things. Bad bad girl. No thinking mean things because they often pop out.

Stop listing stuff because this is only interesting to yourself.



3 thoughts on “A dissection

  1. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Oh it may only be interesting to you, but it is quite amusing to the rest of us.

    • well i am glad that oyu think its amusing!! 😉 then maybe I will keep my readers well I am going through this grumpy period of my life (I also seemt o be having issues with typing!!!! )

      • Nathan McDaniels says:

        yeah, 2-3 errors there, but whatever. you don’t want to know how long it takes me to type or to how many times i retype.

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