Babysitting my brothers

Peter eating dinner...he's the normal one


James racing around. he was finished with dinner. This is him with NO SUGAR

Eeeew. Sneaking Easy Cheese. how can they eat that stuff straight??

James juggling. He's gotten quite good!

But he still has some work to do!

Me looking normal

Me after James' makeover. He used blush as foundation, concealer as lipstick, and mascara as football stripes...

James doing a second makeover. This one looked much much better. But my battery ran out so I can't show you the look.

And that was basically my night. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Babysitting my brothers

  1. dayledann says:

    what a lovely family!

  2. Nathan McDaniels says:

    Sounds like fun! You all better now?

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