I Realize…

1. …that I have not written in a while.

Here’s why: because I have a life outside of blogging!! I am a freshman in high school and so I am super stressed out. I think it’s cause I have so much work to do but Abby insists that I don’t. So, if that’s the case, then I’m just going to say that I am still adjusting to a high-schooler’s work load.

Also, ( I almost wrote tambien because for me, spanish words are like more creative english words..), I had a history final this week (easy peasy…lol) and I was still catching up a little on work from when I was sick!!

So those are my excuses.

2. …that now that I am 15, I need to start acting more mature.

Blah. I do need to act more mature cause if I don’t then I will always be immature and (slightly) obnoxious. Last night (it was like 11 so that give me a little bit of an excuse), I was emailing my friend and explaining to her how in the last couple months I have become more mature. I then continued to explain how I wanted to smash ice cream on someone’s head.

This is not mature and the fact that I think it’s funny is also not mature..and the fact that I am sharing that with you is also probably not mature. So I am going to be more mature and that starts with cleaning my room, doing school first (i.e. not procrastinating), not fighting about dumb stuff, and not acting obnoxious/stupid.

These are like my year resolutions so don’t expect quick changes… 🙂

3. …that this blog is becoming less and less of a running blog and more and more of a life blog.

This is as sad for me as it is for you. I love running and now that I have an iPod, I have even more incentive to get out in the freezing cold and run. Today, it was sleeting and I was DYING to get out there. Sadly, I am not yet 100%. Happily, I had a dance party with my brothers and didn’t cough at all (our dance parties are very strenuous), so I am on the mend.

Hopefully, before February is over, I will be back to Running on Full, Claire the medium-core runner! 🙂 (and high-energy optimist) [with a little bit of randomness thrown in]. Yeah I have my sub-title memorized…what’s it to you? (That was very immature and the fact that I didn’t delete it [cause I think it’s funny] is also immature, I’m still working on it!)

4. …that I have been grumpy and cranky lately.

I think (and hope) that that loveliness is over though. Since I am not stuck up in the house anymore and I am caught up on school and on the road to recovery. And I am getting decent amounts of sleep…which always results in a Happy Claire. So I guess you could say that I am kinda like a big baby who is grumpy when things are going poorly or when she is tired…or hungry…

Okay I should work on that. (VERY IMMATURE)

5. …that I suddenly have this strange obsession with being mature.

Okay. I am sorry. Cause not only is that not mature (har-har) but it’s also probably kind of boring for YOU!!! But I realize that I am slightly annoying and obnoxious and if I wanna be a flourishing (dumb word; it makes me sound like a flower), and graceful, and fun, and lovely (lol)…then I need to be more mature. And possibly quieter. Hm. But I kind of like being loud. I will be quieter (emphasis on the -er part).

Thank you and make sure to tune in next time for I Realize…!


One thought on “I Realize…

  1. Reese says:

    Hi! Don’t worry, getting mature is a lifelong process. I’m 22 and consider myself pretty mature compared to a lot of people around me, but I still want to smash ice cream on people’s head’s sometimes too. It’s a desire that will probably never go away. 😉

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