First for my governmental input of the day…month…year?

SOPA and PIPA… what do you guys think about that? (well, firstly, is it the same thing? or is it two different bills?) I am not exactly Miss Government so I’m not really sure. But… it’s kind of amazing how everyone is uniting together to protest against it. I’ve seen things on Google, WordPress, Yahoo… all you have do is click on the black box or the “censored” sign or whatever it is and then you type in your name and your email and it sends a prewritten, “Please vote ‘no'” type thing.

Here’s Google: https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/#utm_source=googlesem&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=signup

After I signed that I asked my dad if we are for or against it. Thankfully, he said that we are against it. 🙂



I almost have my first two paragraphs of my running persuasive memorized! I am so so excited about the tournament and with a little less than two weeks before it happens I have to get to work on memorizing and perfecting my speech cause I wanna break!! I wanna break SO SO bad!

Breaking is when you don’t place at that tournament but you qualify for Regionals!! And right now I have pretty good chance of breaking, as long as I get my speech memorized!

I am really starting to LOVE speech!

My last point for the evening is…oh, I totally forgot what it was. AGH! I hate when that happens.

Anyways, I am GOING to the MALL!!! Tomorrow!! I am excited and apparently it’s my bedtime now so…good night! 🙂



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