My Dilemma

So. I got an iPod for my birthday, right? Those things are legitly amazing. But! I am NOT going to get off topic (at least not in the first 5 sentences of my post).

Sometimes at night, before I fall asleep, I will lay in my very warm and comfortable bed and listen to my iPod.

“Sometimes” being a couple nights since I got it last Friday.

The music on my iPod is very inspirational. To me, anyways. It’s not that it’s particularly special music, like, music that no one listens to. I don’t listen to bands that very few people have heard of. I listen to whatever’s on the radio or whatever’s on the cd’s I own. I don’t go searching through little knick-knack stores for special cd’s that cost alot.

My point is: it’s normal music. It’s the music you listen to. And I don’t know why I get so inspired when I listen to it.

But, at night, when I’m laying there, listening to Jump5 or Journey or Taylor Swift, I get these random ideas for blog posts. I plan out the whole post in my head while the song is playing and then when the next song comes on I plan out a post for that one too.

Not posts about the song, just the song will make me think of something interesting to write about.

The sad thing is that inevitably, sleep will come and the next morning I will wake up with no recollection of what the song was or what the inspiration was.

This really ticks me off.

I mean my blog would be so much more fantastic, filled to bursting with these fantastic posts, if ONLY I could remember my inspirations!!

So, last night as my inspirations were coming (and going), I remembered that once when I was at this little store called Paper House (yes, it’s a knick-knack store), I saw this dream journal.

I do realize that the only difference between dream journals and composition books is that one is MUCH more expensive than the other but…I really wanted one then. And I really want one now.

And now I have a good reason for spending $10 on a journal, right? 😛

So, prepare yourself! Because once I get down to Paper House and buy that journal I am going to be posting magnificent posts, like none you have ever read before!

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