Ah Sugar.

Why Me?

I love sugar…most people do, but it seems that in the winter I become even more attached to it.

Like chewy, chocolate-chip- injected brownies or gigantic, half-cooked chocolate- chunk cookies. It’s really horrible.

I haven’t run in over a month and I was missing it and I do wish I could go out there and run hard and far. I just wish that it could be 60 degrees while I was doing it! So, generally my obsession with sugar is limited because I run (so it burns off those extra calories) but also instead of eating I will go for a run (I eat when I’m bored…it’s bad). But now that I am busy and still technically recovering from pneumonia (although I think imma run this week), I haven’t been running and have therefore been eating. The fact that my choices are

a)Brave the freezing cold, get up early to fit in exercise

b) stay inside where it’s warm and there is trail mix and hot chocolate and frozen cookie dough in the freezer.

Hmm…i will go with b. Don’t get me wrong! I Love to run. But seriously, most sane people choose warmth over bitter cold.

And I’m not really sure what this post is exactly supposed to be about (I must have forgotten through all that rambling).

Oh! I know.  My point is that I need to start eating healthier. Like, instead of eating 4 half-baked cookies while watching Wallace & Gromit with my little brothers, I should eat two (perfectly reasonable number). Or, instead of eating two of those deliciously chewy, chocolate-infested brownies at church I should eat ONE. Wow, these are big breakthroughs here!

I think I have just gotten into bad eating habits, what with Christmas and then my birthday. Never fear, your wonderful “healthy” Claire will be back soon. Lol.

Am I the ONLY person who has these weird sugar-obsessions in mid-January when you freeze your butt off if you go outside to get the mail. Seriously? I am such a Cali- girl. Or Florida…or ANYWHERE warm…but preferably California! 🙂

One thought on “SUGAR RUSH!!!!

  1. I love your header picture. Beautiful portrait. Your blog is inspiring and I will be reading it.

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