That Feeling You Get After You’ve Done Something That You Haven’t Done In Awhile

Oh Joy of Joys.

Don’t you just love when you do something that you haven’t done in awhile and you aren’t as bad as you expected you would be? It’s so encouraging!

Today I went running. I know! You are surprised. Now, you may have thought that the word running would never again grace the webpage of my blog…BUT you thought wrong. I am now “fully recovered” from my pneumonia and am back to running!

Now, I will admit that I had hoped I would just go back to being a fantastic runner (har har har). I had hoped I would just be able to shoot off 5 miles at an 8-minute pace…BUT: 3 miles for my first day back is pretty good. I may have taken two breaks during the run but only because I had to use the bathroom and cause at the two- and- a- half mile mark, I picked up my LRF and my BFF. Lol.

We ran down to the library where we sat at a table (inside) and talked. I was severely impressed by their loyalty to me and their exercise. It was freezing and the wind was SO strong. LRF, with her leggings in the wash, ran in shorts, wimpily enough, Tess and I were the coldest ones. We are lame-o…kinda…except for the fact that we were running in the freezing cold. 🙂

As a birthday present, Tess bought me Starbuck’s! Yum. I got a skinny (skinny, always skinny! How many calories can Starbuck’s pack into a coffee cup? A LOT) caramel mocha.

We walked back to their house. They offered to walk me home but I told them that since it was so slippy I would inevitably slip and spill coffee all over myself and I didn’t really want anyone witnessing that.

True to my word, I slipped and spilled coffee. On my glove. And my UnderArmor. And my Garmin. IT wasn’t as embarrasing as it potentially could have been, BUT slipping isn’t really the most graceful thing.

Regardless of whether or not I am graceful, I did run 3 miles today and I am proud. 🙂 I am on the track to another half-marathon. Sloowly, but surely. And I am running a 4.95- mile Shamrock Shuffle with my good friend in March and then I might be running a 10-miler in April(?) I think it’s in April, with the same girl. So! Races are on the horizon and that gets me excited and pumped to train.

I am sore, warm, and happy.


One thought on “That Feeling You Get After You’ve Done Something That You Haven’t Done In Awhile

  1. Mary- A PROUD BEST FRIEND!! =] says:


    Hehe, I am always proud of you!
    Oh, and can you check out these two sites: ; and ?

    I’m on both! West on and Giana- I’m Back on shelfari!! YOu muuust join, and I’ve been awritin!!! :D:D
    Love you buga!

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