A Post on Blogging

Today I had a very inspiring conversation with a friend at speech. She is a blogger like me (but she blogs on blogspot) and we discussed the stresses of blogging.

Now, just to clear things up: I love to blog. I really do! I love writing my little heart out and then seeing other people take interest in what I have to say. It’s encouraging and satisfying! I love coming up with new things to write about. I love planning out my posts in my head. It’s about the extent of my creativity and I love it.


There is a sort of stress that comes with blogging! I have 30 WordPress followers. That means that 30 other bloggers get my posts sent to their email every time I publish one. I also have like…6(?) email subscribers and also random people who just find my blog through google or whatever but aren’t subscribed. If I want high views each day, I have to keep blogging. In order to pique people’s interest in my blog, I have to keep writing. And it has to be interesting.

I strive to always have an interesting life! It’s a lot easier to come up with blog posts when you’re life is full of adventures and funny occurrences. However…the cool thing about blogging is that it makes you think about your life from a different perspective. Like, for example, maybe acing a test was exciting for you  but  will it be exciting for others or maybe

stubbing your toe and falling over while walking up to the front of assembly to give your speech wasn’t funny at the time but could be a funny post to write about on your blog.

You have to put your life in perspective. Really think about what is interesting, what is moving, what is funny to yourself and to others. You have to think about what you publish on it because other people ARE reading it, you know? You have to be careful what you write about others. When I had just started my blog, I thought of it as a diary or a journal, a place where I would spill all. Then I realized that that’s a horrible idea. Diaries are secret, meant for the author’s eyes only. And truthfully, there are things in my old diaries that I would never say out loud or to anyone.  You have to realize that other people are reading what you are writing and that those readers are REAL people.

With a blog comes great responsibility. After all, you want to make sure that the readers understand the tone you are using in the post, whether you are joking or serious. You don’t want to come across as the complete obvious of what you meant. Also, you want to portray yourself as you truly are. Like me, I am a crazy, slightly stressed, happy, Christian, high-schooled, home-schooled girl with LOTS to say. Do you get all that when you read my posts? I want to witness to others (after all, what better chance to witness to others but on a blog?!) but at the same time I don’t want to come across as preachy and scare people away from learning more about Jesus. You following?

When I started my blog, I thought that no one would read it. I thought that blogging was a lost form of communication. After all, it is so much easier to just do a update on Facebook or tweet or whatever. But… on WordPress alone there are over 500,000 bloggers from all over the world! Despite Facebook and Twitter and email and…(is there anything else?) blogging is still thriving. It’s awesome. And it just goes to show how much people have to say.

If you are a person who:

1) feels unheard

2) has to much to say

3) needs someone to talk to

4) needs advice

5) likes to give advice

6) needs someone to listen

7) likes to exaggerate or make things up

8) likes to rant and rave (lol)

then I highly suggest you get a blog. It is so calming to rant about something (you should probably skip over my *rant posts*), and so exciting to know that people are interested in what you have to say.

Oh and by the way, no offense to google, but WordPress rocks way more that Blogspot does so join WordPress not Blogspot!!!

Here’s what I see right now:

So cool!!!!


One thought on “A Post on Blogging

  1. Taralyn says:

    Hey! Lol, I enjoyed that conversation too 🙂 (wow. I made it onto your blog! I am rather excited about that).
    This is a good post!
    Lots of stuff to consider when one is writing for the public!!

    P.S. Blogspot rocks harder!

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