Exceptional Females I Know

1. Stephanie- I don’t really know her. I know what she looks like and I go to home school band which she is in. But I am in awe. She made a website (twigwriters.com), a legit website, and lots and lots of people are on it! It’s so cool and I may be slightly obsessed! If you make an account, make sure to friend me (clariz97)!

2. Mary- She rules. She’s been through so many hard things but she just pulls through it. She is smiley and supportive and honest and crazy and beautiful. She’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks. I know her and I’m so glad I do.

3. Tess- She is insanely smart. She’s better than me at every school subject! She is super duper busy cause of all her demanding courses. She takes MMA. She has lots of perseverance. She is very orderly and down-to-earth. She helps me with my school (and life) and is very supportive and helpful.

4. Abby- Obviously! She’s my big sistah! She’s the biggest influence in my life. She makes me laugh, gives me advice, tells me stories. We truly have the truest sistahood in the world. Oh, did I mention that she’s gorgeous? Also, encouraging, smart, busy, awesome. She rocks at public speaking and kicks butt in debate. Am I gushing? My bad.

5. My mom- She is busy. Very very busy. She teaches two Spanish classes, drives us to countless places, teaches the five of us, makes us food, keeps the house clean, etc. She is hard-working. She gives her all. Yea, sometimes shes’s a little grumpy, but it’s only cause she hasn’t gotten enough sleep because she was up late the night before working. She has an amazing relationship with God and is always encouraging us spiritually. I love her (obviously).

6. Lauren- She’s awesome. Truly one of the best friends a girl could have. She is there for me, honest, caring, sweet, fun. She shoots guns and all the guys adore her adventurous spirit. She tell me about her life and we give each other advice. We make plans for our futures. She is amazing with kids, headstrong, happy and helpful.

7. Bekah- She is so happy. She is always smiling and laughing. She is friendly and kind. She is beautiful, amazing,  and girly.  She is sensitive and dramatic. I love to talk to her. She has great style. She is brave, so so brave. But not the kind of “jump-in-your-face brave”. Just when I think about it I’m like, “Yep, she’s brave!” She likes to climb trees. 🙂

8. Maddie- She is Bekah’s sister, but they are so different. Maddie is more serious. She’s still very smiley but she analyzes things and sees the good and the bad. In her mom’s words, “She is very aware of her surroundings!” It’s true. She can’t be surprised. She thinks everything through. Bekah and her make a fantastic team and they make me laugh so hard.

Stay tuned for more.

5 thoughts on “Exceptional Females I Know

  1. Well, you saw how everyone was sorta apart but I love ’em all! You know I’ve been thru alot, but you never abandon me! I love you so much!!!
    You mentioned me on your website!!! AHH! Im second, too! :D:D
    You are most beautiful, smart, amazing, craziiest, and all that jazz, bestst friend!!
    Love you more than you know!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow, I’m on this list! *_* This sort of made my day. It’s truly an honor to be placed here; thank you for your kind words <33 x3

  3. westy1998 says:

    I shoot guns too!!!! THIS IS WHERE IT ORIGINATED FROMMM!! and yes i did go back here and check!! Lolol! ❤ u

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