My Life, Recently

Today was probably one of the best days I have had in a long time!

The only bad part was that it was so cold. 15 degrees…seriously? Ugh. No running again. Only hard-core runners run in this kind of weather. I, you may have noticed, am a medium-core runner. Thank you very much.

Anyways, my dad has a tradition of taking each of us out for birthday breakfasts each year. It started out when we were really young and we would get the “Free Birthday Rainbow Pancake” at Egg Harbor Cafe. Now that we are older, we get to decide where we want to go. This year, I picked Honey-Jam Cafe, one of my personal favorite restaurants. I love this tradition because it’s special “Dad-time”, just him and me.

I do most of the talking. I inherited that skill from my mom, not my dad. I talk and he listens. It’s very enjoyable. Also, it’s fun to stuff yourself with a chocolate-y, peanut-butter-y waffle and espresso!! Have I mentioned that I like food? I think I have…

Anyways, after that loveliness, I came home and finished reading The Last Battle for school. What a wonderful book. I love it. It has such a satisfying ending. I love happy endings.

Then…I went to the library with my friend Tess, and read magazines for like an hour. Okay, maybe it’s dorky but I love the library. It’s so peaceful and quiet and warm and relaxing. It’s like this different world. And our library is incredibly awesome. It has really comfortable chairs. And a self check-out. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!  Seriously, I love self check-out. When Abby and I were younger, we would lug half of our books down into the living room and set them all up on the shelves and the couches and the floors. The piano bench was our check-out system. But, we would actually use index cards and a stamper, like librarians would ten years ago. I was going to say “olden days” but then I realized that they did that when I was a kid and I’m not exactly “old”. 🙂 Anyways, it was one of our favorite games to play when we were little, ranking right up their alongside “school”, “house”, and most importantly, “escape- the- evil- orphanage- lady- and- go- on-long-and-harrowing-adventures-involving-at-least-one-kid-getting-captured-and-another-being -wounded-as-well-as-lots-of-mud-and-climbing-all-over-the-swing-set”. That last one was obviously the most fun, most played, and best thought-out.

Moving on, Tess and I went back to my house, where we sat in my room and talked about life. It was so fun and relaxing. Also, it was special because we hadn’t been able to do that in a very loong loong looooooong time.

For dinner, we had these really good beef melts and Klondike bars.

And that is a recap of my day.


SO—I wanna tell y’all about a new segment that’s coming up soon (hopefully). I have asked a couple of friends to do guest posts!! *squeal* So far, I’ve gotten two “maybe’s”, so I’m probably telling you guys this too soon, but I’m so excited! Because if it does work out then it will be so awesome to have other people’s perspectives and opinions on here, not just mine, Mine, MINE!!!!!!  Although, I suppose that’s the point of a blog. Anyways, it’s going to be really cool so STAY TUNED!!


ALSO. I want to join a race. So bad. I haven’t raced in ages. The famous Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K run. I wanna run it. For those who don’t know, an 8K is 4.95 miles. I could so be ready for that! It’s in late March. The only problem: it’s on a Sunday. My friend is running it, so originally I had planned to just go down (to Chicago) with her to run, but she’s going down the night before with relatives. This was also before I knew it was on a Sunday. I highly doubt that I would be allowed to skip church for a race. Who on earth, plans races on Sundays??? Everyone is supposed to plan their events around ME!!!!! Just kidding, but seriously, would it have hurt them that much to have it on March 24th instead?? Ugh ugh ugh. Major disappointment.

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