That fantastic feeling

I love to run.

You all know that and you can all attest to that.

I love how free I feel, pounding down the sidewalk with music pounding in my ears.

I love how songs actually do help me go faster.

I love that running gives me rock-hard (well, kinda) abs and the ability to eat basically whatever I want (not that I should ).

But the thing I love the most is the feeling I get after a really Really REALLY tough run.

Like my legs feel like jelly and I can barely breathe and my stomach is killing me and I’m in so much pain that I’m clenching my fists as hard as I can. And I’m sweaty and sore.

I used to get like that, last year when I started running. Then as I got better that feeling went away. And now? It’s back! Why? Well, firstly cause I’m not running as frequently. But also, because I’m pushing myself to go faster on farther distances.

Today I ran 4.5 miles at an average 8:23 min./mile. That’s fast for me. Also, 4.5 is the farthest I have gone in a while!!

I crawled ran up a huge bridge near the end of my route and I had to stop at the top to stretch and catch my breath (wow I just rhymed twice without trying too!!). A guy who was walking up from the other side said, “Are you okay??” And I’m like, “Yea…*pant pant* I’m fine! It’s just a *pant pant* big hill!!!!” And he goes, “Yes! It is!”. Then I started down the other side. Now, I have this tradition/pact/rule thing, that whenever I run up hills, I have to smile because it makes it more bearable and then i don’t complain about the hills (after all, that’s the hardest part and therefore, the most rewarding). But the best reason for smiling is because the bigger the incline, the bigger the DECLINE!!! And it’s so fun to go racing down the hill, and you get all this momentum going and it feels like flying. I love it.

I promise that I stretched. ALOT. I stretched before I ran, then I warmed up with a five-minute walk, then I stretched some more. Then I stretched at the top of the bridge. And I stretched a TON when I got home. Outside, then inside. Then again. Then after I took my shower. But my back is sore and my neck was sore. My back is killing me. I got my brother to massage it (very painful experience), but it still hurts.

But other than the pain, I am quite pleased with my exercise for the day! 🙂

Did I tell you all that I am running in the Shamrock Shuffle? I think I might have. Anyways, it is highly probable that I will run in the race!! Yay!!!! So I’m all training for that funness!!! 🙂

Okay, good night.



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