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Now, I do realize that almost every blogger has written a post like this before. But it’s really exciting for us to see how people found our blog. And sometimes it’s funny as well.

Obviously, the easiest way to find my blog is to google: Many people have found my blog through this…though how they knew to look that up in the first place…i don’t know.

Remember last December when I talked about the Walnut Room? Well, another search term that found my blog was walnut room wish granted. Say what? So I googled that and there was my post Jingle Bell Rock right on the second page. That’s pretty exciting to know that people don’t have to look very far for my blog (assuming they get the weird urge to google walnut room wish granted)

I’ve gotten a lot of views from my braces post. I posted about John getting his braces ONCE!!! But apparently braces is a highly- googled subject!! 🙂 teeth braces pink black is one of the top searches. Say what?? Does no one talk in full sentences anymore?? 😉 Or what about black bracket teeth braces. And he got braces. Remind me to include braces in my future posts!!

Of course, I get lots of views from people googling running terms such as run fun speech. Whatever. I’m just saying that search term put me on the FIRST page of Google!! Cure for jitters and 5k: so apparently my “running blog” has helped some runners…. And of course, airwalk shoes good for running. Cause everyone knows that Airwalk is an exercise brand…wait?! When did I even talk about that? You know what? The funny thing is: I wasn’t even talking about running in Airwalk shoes! I was talking about running and Airwalk shoes. Go figure.

A load of others:

claire fischer wordpress, claire fischer running on full, running on full clair fischer,, or,,  bubblygirl running blog claire fischer, running with claire fischer, /bubblygirl97, bubbly_girl_97 twitter, 

Which airwalk shoes are good for running That airwalk person was very intent on finding good airwalk running shoes! 😉 my inspirations I googled that but it seems to be a particularly popular subject and I have no interest in reading through a gajillion pages of google to find my blog. Thanks though.

blogging Yes, i have written a blog post on blogging before. Remember it? Good post, good post! 🙂

what do i want for christmas everything you want, the lite 93.9 christmas music, dance christmas music

running capris, pixton bullying,, sugaryno, the world according to claire, wordpress+bubblygirl97, wonderful 3 day long weekend, “3 chinese girls”

I still don’t understand how “3 chinese girls” found my blog…?

I feel bad for these people who google something and find my blog…I mean it’s so frustrating when I am googling something and no matter HOW many things I look at it’s never what I want. But then, I suppose it’s not really my fault, if people google one thing and then find a different thing from that search (aka my blog).

Anyways, there’s more…but I feel like this is more interesting and funny to me than it is to anyone else! 🙂

by the way, I am NOT on twitter. Sorry y’all!! 🙂

How did you find my blog?

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