Inverno Inverno Andare Via, Non Ritornerá

Yea. So you all know what Mardi Gras is right?

It’s the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent Season. Lent is the days leading up to Easter when one typically takes away a potential idol and uses the time and money and thoughts usually spent on these “idols” to think about God and “better” their relationship with Him.
Anyways, the tradition is that on Mardi Gras i.e. Fat Tuesday…people eat food! Yeah. Clever. Well they eat specific foods such as paczkis, a polish jelly donut. I’m polish so on Mardi Gras, we eat jelly donuts.
Once, my mom took us to Krispy Kreme for jelly donuts. Another time, my grandma brought many different kinds of paczkis (jelly-filled, creme-filled). The general idea is that we always eat paczkis (pronounced punchki) on Fat Tuesday.
No paczkis this Tuesday. It was so sad. I love paczkis. They are so delicious. I also love donuts in general. I also love food in general.
Which brings me to my NEXT POINT! (Can you tell I have been writing WAY TOO MANY school essays lately?? :))
Wintertime is depressing for me. I am a warm-weather girl. And Chi-town winters are NOT FUN. Now, I’m not really…complaining so much because we have had a REALLY. MILD. WINTER. This year. We barely got any snow, much to my approval (Thanks God!) See, it’s pretty difficult to convince myself to go out and run in the freezing weather, but when there’s snow there’s NO way I’m going out there!! So you see, because of the green winter we’ve had, I have been able to exercise!!!
But, still the idea of cold weather and the whole beserk-stress-level thing…makes me tired and grumpy. And I am a comfort eater. 😛
Which means that winter time is essentially Inverno Gras per me.
Yes. I love GoogleTranslate.
The good news…is that winter is only like 3 or 4 months long. And then I can get back out side and stop being stressed and bored and grumpy. And stop eating. As much.
The bad news… is that it’s only February. We have at least a month and a half to go. Also, it’s like 70 degrees in LA. I love LA. I have like this obsession with California. So, knowing that my favorite place in the world is also a LOT warmer than it is here, makes me very upset.
Also, it snowed today. Really?
“Si prega de venire l’estate
per favore ti aspettiamo
rimanere per siempre, non lasciare mai
tenermi caldo nei raggi del tuo sole
tenermi rilassato con i tuoi bellissimi colori
rimanere per siempre, non lasciare mai,
per favore ti aspettiamo
si prega de venire l’estate”

One thought on “Inverno Inverno Andare Via, Non Ritornerá

  1. Jacob says:

    Come on you can’t hate winter that much, there are lots of fun things to do like snowboard, sled, cross country ski, Ice skate, build snowmen and my favorite this winter snowboard with a sail. 🙂

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