Randomness (need I say more?)

I ran 3 miles today. It was a hard 3 miles. With a time of 24:38, it proved to be my second worst time I’ve ever run that distance (that counts anyways). But it was also really fun.

John rode his bike with me and talked the whole time. Now, it was kinda hard to hear what he was actually SAYING, cause the wind was a-blowing, but it was nice to have his company!

The weather was simply beautiful. At first, it was cloudy and warm. Then it sprinkled a bit. And then it was sunny and warm. I love springtime! And this is starting out as a beautiful spring! All the daffodils are popping up and the weather is so warm!! I hope we’re in for a hot summer!!

I am super pumped for my Shamrock Shuffle!! This is me:

Me: OOOOH!!! I LOVE Shamrock Shuffles!! They are so good!!! I always get kinda sick when I drink them but they’re so worth it!!

Everyone else: (in unison) shamrock SHAKES! Claire, it’s a shamrock shake!!!!!!!!!

Oh…right. I always call it a “shuffle” even though I mean “shake”! Sometimes, I think I’m even tricking myself into saying the right thing! But I always say the wrong thing! 😛

For the record, there is NEVER that much whipped cream!

But in this case (before I got off-track) I really WAS talking about the Shamrock Shuffle which is a RACE!!!

Yes! I have decided to resort to Google Images because I NEVER bring my camera with me. And on the rare cases that I do, i never take pictures. 🙂

Once again, I failed at stringing together a coherent post!!

Sorry for the squiggly, shaky arrows… But I think you get the point! It’s your basic essay!

The blog post topic is about… WHY YOU SHOULD DO YOUR SCHOOL

Supporting Point 1. So you can learn (duh!)

Supporting Point 2. So you won’t get behind on your homework and miss summer catching up

Supporting Point 3. So you won’t be a loser

Then conclusion.


Supporting Point 1 of Topic: So you can learn (duh!)

Random Thought 1: Why do I always add in rude things like “duh!” to my blog posts.

Supporting Point 1 of Random Thought 1: Because I want to be tough/funny

Supporting Point 2 of Topic: So you won’t get behind on your homework and miss summer catching up

Random Thought 2: I love summer!

Supporting Point 1 of Random Thought 2: I have SO many plans for the summer!

Supporting Point 1 of Random Thought I didn’t put in blog post: I like Britney Spears’ older music… is that bad?

Backtracking: “Going back to my original thought, you should do your school!”

“Funny” Joke about my Randomness: (sorry I can’t be funny on command, or for that matter at all. but you guys have all read my blog  enough to know what I’m talking about)

Lame Attempt to get back to the Main Point: So, yeah, you should always do your school.


Wow! That part of this post was so fun to make!!! I love making fun of myself!! I also love making ClipArt that no one else is going to understand!! For those of you did understand my pictures, I hope you enjoyed it! For those of you who didn’t, well, stinks to be you.


One thought on “Randomness (need I say more?)

  1. westy1998 says:

    Wow…This was very indepth!! AHaha, you’re such a wonderful person, KEPP RUNNNING!! :D:D:D You already know that! 😉

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