Choking AND Soaking

So, it rained today.

It was cooler this morning so I thought maybe the rain had cooled off the heat and it would be a wonderful running day.

I soon realized that although sometimes water cools off a hot day, it can also heat up a hot day into a HUMID day.

You know how some people say that girls glisten and guys sweat. Like, girls don’t sweat! They are too sweet and feminine and beautiful. They glow and glisten instead.

Well I’ve been told that before…and all I’m saying is I must’ve missed that lesson in the How to be Female textbook. Because I was drenched. Sopping wet. Soaked. Drowning.

Okay, not really. I just felt like being dramatic. But I was sweating alot.

And as I started my run, I realized that since the air was so humid at least I would have that moisture keeping my throat from closing up.


Apparently, I’m not half as clever as I imagined. Because apparently, humidity, although good at dampening clothes, is not good at dampening throats.

Cause my throat was very dry. Which made it very hard to swallow…Not that there was anything to swallow cause my whole mouth was dry from my ragged breathing.

Despite my choked, soaked efforts, I still ran my best 3 miles ever (without the help of caffeine). I ran it in 23:59 which is 7 seconds faster than my previous PR (un-caffeinated). I was pretty proud!!!!!!!!! I still am! It feels good to break a record especially if it’s your personal one! Also, I didn’t even feel like I was going that fast, so I guess I must just be getting faster over all….

I felt like a slug, but apparently I’m not! I’m a cheetah!!! Okay, I need to stop. I am way too weird.

This picture does not do justice to the gallons of sweat dripping off of me

You guys want to hear a story of my weirdness? Oh, you do!?!?!? Great! Because I would love to tell you!

So, yesterday I was sitting here at the computer writing a school paper.

Anyways, so I’m just sitting there, typing away and every once in awhile a little gnat would buzz around on the screen and I would kill it. oh, also they aren’t scared of humans because they were crawling all over ME!!! So gross and creepy and then I get like that “phantom bug” thing where I think there’s a bug crawling on my leg or whatever so I slap my leg but then it’s not even there…

Anyways, so I looked up and the whole cabinet on the left of the picture was covered in gnats. I swear one second it was fine and the next secodn it was covered.


NOT because I am scared of gnats.

But because it was like a scene straight from The Birds!

Ugh, that movie is so creepy. Seriously, like these gnats appeared sinisterly and if I hadn’t smushed them all I would probably be dead now! Because they would crawl all over me and gnaw me to death like what happened in The Birds!

I’m so fun, aren’t I?!

P.S. Dad fixed the bug issue…mostly…





2 thoughts on “Choking AND Soaking

  1. lilisocean says:

    haha nice Claire. I would be freaked out too if I saw all those bugs…we have a lot in our house as is. =P

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