Slow & Sidetracked

Okay so yes I’m slow.

I always seem to write about the big topics after  everyone else has already written about it…but I don’t really care.

I’m going to talk about the Hunger Games.

You see, before I read the books I didn’t understand WHY everyone was making SUCH a big fuss about the movie. I figured it was maybe like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or whatever…I’ve never read Harry Potter but I am not a big fan of Lord of the Rings. And I know that they aren’t really the same kind of book. What I mean is that I thought it would be like one of those famous book/movies that EVERYONE loves…except for me.

I was wrong.

You see, before I read the books, I was all like, “Why is everyone so excited about the movie coming out?” and then after I read the first book I was like, “I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As soon as I read the first book, I HAD to read the other two. And I couldn’t WAIT for the movie to come out.

I didn’t even know if or when I would get to see the movie.

Anyways, my friend invited me to go see it on Saturday with her.

In theaters. For 6 bucks.

I was like, “YES!”

But I had to make sure it was okay with my parents.

I was a little worried that they wouldn’t let me watch it cause it’s rated PG-13 and they’re not really big on violence and all that…but they said I could go!

So I get to go see it.

So yes, I may be slower at catching on to the fads. But I don’t really care! 🙂

Wow, I just said fads.

Okay so you all wanna hear a random short story about my life? You do? Great.

So today, I was making quesadillas para mi familia. Yeah, I’m nice like that. Actually, I was learning my biology vocab on the computer and James was making them. He was grating cheese and it was making this REALLY annoying noise so I kinda stopped doing my school and kicked James out cause I couldn’t stand the sound of the plastic hitting the ceramic… Yeah I am slightly nit-picky. Anyways, so, Mrs. B., if I fail my vocab words, it’s James’ fault NOT mine! 🙂 Anyways, so I took that over. Also there’s something addicting about flipping stuff into hot oil. Like pancakes or quesadillas. So fun. MOOOVING ON.

SO! I’m making quesadillas. And James put a lot of oil into the frying pan. So we had to pour some out. But apparently there was still a lot in it. Okay, I knew there was a little too much oil in there but I didn’t want to pour more out because I thought that I would pour too much out. So, when I flipped a quesadilla, I just stood really far away from the stove and reached my spatula over and flipped it so that I wouldn’t splash hot oil on myself.

That worked fine! Until I got sidetracked and forgot to move away from the stove while flipping. I splashed scalding oil onto my leg. Omigosh, it hurt so bad. But at the same time it didn’t really. It was like quick and then it didn’t hurt anymore. I guess it stung a little so I put some aloe vera gel on it and then moved on with my life.

Of course, now I have a red splotch on my skin from burning myself. It hurts. But I’m tough.

And that is my story of the day! Fun, right? Yeah.


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