I hope you all like my new theme! I figured it was time to change it! I needed something colorful!

Today’s been a lovely spring day!

I had pancakes for breakfast. Peter and James were making them during my online class and as soon as it ended Peter brought me this:

Complete with the fork laid on top! He's so cute. ❤

They were really good.

Then James and I went on a walk and took these (and more) lovely pictures. I have a ton of cute ones of the two of us…but apparently I’m not supposed to post pictures of my brothers so…

I love this picture! This is exactly what I had in mind and James captured it perfectly! *applause*

Spring is here! And I am so glad! Everything is so pretty! I had been hoping to get some pictures on here of the fresh beauty we are experiencing! 😉 The walk was really fun. James and I talked and tried to rap. I failed… but I always do so it was nothing new. 🙂


When we got home, I did my school. Exciting!! I know. But it hasn’t really been a big part of today because it only took a couple of hours. As you all know, today is a running day. but I’m not going to.

But I have an excuse!

Always have an excuse.

My excuse is that I don’t feel too good. Just kind of congested and tired. And that’s always worse when it’s warm out! 😛 Of course I wouldn’t normally let that get in the way of my exercise, but since I have a race coming up, I MUST get better by Sunday and I think missing one day of running will be okay. Tomorrow I’m back though!

And that’s been my day. A typical summer day. Except usually I would go running! I have enjoyed my freedom though. No, not freedom from running…well kinda. What I meant was that because I didn’t have running or babysitting my day was cleared up to do other things like go to the library! And change my blog! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Spring!!!

  1. Isabel says:

    Claireeee!!!! i LOVE <3333 your new blog layout!!

    That picture of you is so amazing too!!

    Hasta manana! 🙂

  2. lilisocean says:

    it’s lovely Claire! =) happy spring

  3. j**n says:

    Ur awesome Claire i wish u were my sister (oh wait u r!)

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