10 Reasons Why YOU Should Switch to WordPress

1. I’m on it.

This won’t be copying me. This will be awesomeness where we can follow each other’s blogs! 🙂

2. It is well-known.

WP is growing in popularity. Everywhere I go on the internet has a way to link pictures to WordPress. It’s really convenient. Also, there’s not really a chance of someone not finding your blog cause they misspell “wordpress” or something like that, because most people know what WordPress is.

3. So much to choose from.

There are plenty of themes, so you know your blog will be original. Even when you use the same theme as another’s, there’s so much customization to be had, that each blog looks different. Also, you can add all these different widgets to the sides. okay, so basically my topic sentence is that: WordPress is highly customizable.

4. Lots of people use WordPress.

So, there will be tons of bloggers to follow, as well as, a decent number following you! I have seen some WordPress blogs with over 500 followers. I don’t have 500 followers but 36 is more than I ever imagined! Also, because of the recent popularity of WordPress, your blog comes up sooner when Googled! 🙂

5. Easy to use.

Everything is clearly explained. They have a “Help” forum. They have clear labels. No confusing things.

6. Easy to track.

It has a page that tells you your views of the day and from what countries these views came from. It also tells you Google searches that found your blog. It’s pretty awesome and, at the least, amusing!

7. WordPress is up-to-date.

It’s modern. It always has the latest technology. It’s fun to look at. And because of it’s modern look, more and more people are switching to it.

8. WordPress is chic.

It looks professional. It’s different from Blogspot which is childish-looking. WordPress is for older people, whereas Blogspot is more of an online diary. Believe it or not, roughly two-thirds of my followers are adults.

9. WordPress want you to succeed.

WordPress values its bloggers and it’s obvious. They tell you what to do to get more site traffic. They have a team that is constantly creating new themes and other add-ons. They have celebratory milestones for when you reach number of followers or views. They love us and frankly, we love them.

10. WordPress is the blogging site of the past, present, and future.

WordPress is the one that will succeed. Sorry, Google, but for once a website has outdone what you had created. The reason WordPress will succeed is because it is continually changing to meet the requests of its users.


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why YOU Should Switch to WordPress

  1. j**n says:

    geez lady do u spend ur life on the computer?!?!?!

  2. westy1998 says:

    I switched to wordpress.com because of WUUUUW!! THat was You but in Mary language! 😀 Oh, and practice that trumpet!!

  3. westy1998 says:

    You got me to use a wordpress.com blog!! 🙂
    And Johny boy, she isnt on the computor alot! 😀 She just likes to jot down her life, my blog is like TOTALLY stupid compaired to hers!

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