A First For Everything

I am a clumsy person.

I kinda doubt that I need to tell you that… because everyone knows that I’m not very careful or graceful.

But, I’ll get to my point with that LATER or else I’ll ruin the story.

So, today I woke up and didn’t really feel like running. I know, I know. I am not really one of those people super motivated to run. I mean, I mostly run because I like being good at something and because I LIKE to run. So, when I don’t feel like running aand it’s Friday, I generally just skip it.

Okay, so just to clarify my point of that last paragraph, is that when I woke up this morning, I had no intention of going running.

On Fridays I have little to no schoolwork. I’m not really sure why it works out like that, but it does. And this week I had an especially light load of school today, because I had worked ahead in history for some reason… šŸ™‚ So, I woke up and read a book. Then I did some biology. Then I got dressed. Then I caught up on some history homework (this is the second part of history…I have two different classes that form one curriculum…it’s complicated). Then I read Calvin and Hobbes. Then I was going to practice biology vocab but John was on the computer. So then I decided to practice piano, but Abby was taking a test and she needed quiet. So I walked around the house bored to death.

Finally, I was like, “Fine, I’ll go on a run.”

So, I went. First, I was only gonna run 3 miles. Then I thought maybe I’d run four instead. Then I was like, “COOL! I could do a long run!!” Like six miles or something.

And there I go down Main St. rocking out to Hot Chelle Rae on my iPod and holding a 7:30 pace (I love being fast). I love Hot Chelle Rae cause they have such good running/pump-up music and so I have their whole album on my running playlist. And one of my especially favorite songs is “Downtown Girl”. Yes, I realize this song has bad morals and I realize that I should strive for more than being a “party girl”. But this song pumps me up to run my hardest because truthfully I want to be fit and beautiful and popular and smooth. Yes, I know. It’s dorky or self-centered or something. So, I’m running down Main St. listening to this song and thinking about looking cool cause I’m running fast and I’m wearing cool running clothes. Then, something very un-smooth and very Claire happened.

I tripped. And face-planted. Well, I would’ve face-planted had my hands and elbow not been there to catch me. Yea. Not smooth. The best part about all of that is that as I was laying there trying not to scream (or something) from the pain of skin being ripped away from my body, I couldn’t even think of why I had tripped. The sidewalk wasn’t slippery. There wasn’t a crack to trip on. I can think of NO reason why I would’ve fallen.

Actually, the best part of that little scenario was the fact that the mailman crossing the street at the EXACT time that I fell and saw the entire thing and completely ignored me and acted like there wasn’t a teenage girl sprawled across the sidewalk. Seriously? Where is the courtesy these days? I mean, really? I may have even been more mad about that then the fact that I had just fallen and hurt myself.

Anyways, so I getup off the ground and have a bleeding elbow and a bleeding hand and another stinging palm. And obviously I was getting no help from the mail dude so I was like, What do I do? My leg hurts, my elbow is stinging, my hands are stinging, and I’m two miles from home.

So I just sat there for the rest of my life.

No, not really. I acted tough. And kept running. It hurt cause the stupid wind had been whipping my hands ALREADY and now it was whipping raw skin. Also, I kinda burnt out after that. Like my legs tightened up and so I ended up only running three miles and then walking the rest of the way home (about a mile).

Yes, not my best run ever. But it used up 45 minutes! And now I have these lovely scrapes.

This is the worse arm. Yes...so maybe I am a bit of a wimp. But it REALLY hurt!!! šŸ˜„

And yes, that is dirt on my arm also. :0 It was really the whole thing! Mud, gravel, and blood. And later, some Bactine as well. Oh joy!


OH! So what was my point with my opening sentence? Well, I am clumsy and I fall a lot but never had I fallen before while running. I guess there’s a first for everything! šŸ˜‰


One thought on “A First For Everything

  1. tootallfritz says:

    Something is totally in the air, I stubbed my toe on “something” this week and fell on the lakefront path. I had to tumble roll out of it to avoid the bloody face plant. I’d like to think I looked all ninja & cool but I’m quite certain that wasn’t the case. Hope you heel up soon!

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